About us

About us

In the municipality of Omišalj on the island of Krk (Croatia, North Adriatic sea) on a farmland of 80000 m2 we cultivate 360 000 immortelle plants (Helichrysum Italicum) in an ecologically responsible way – ECO CertifiedWe are close to become regional leader in producing high quality essential oil and hydrolate (floral water) using exclusively ECO certified immortelle plants cultivated in our field.As ecological farmers we have an environment - friendly farming certificate – ECO Certified. Next to the farm we have our own distillery plant where we can distill our immortelle plants using steam distillation process – producing essential oil and hydrolate.

Our essetial oil has maximum 20% of alpha pinene, about 20% of curcumin and more than 9% of neryl acetate

The North Adriatic islands are known as excellent geographical location for growing Helychrysum Italicum and as result we are producing high quality essential oil.

Our products have been certified as an island product of Krk and we have been given Croatian Island Product label

We are open every day for visitors. Yo can see & enjoy in magical Immortrelle farm on 8 acres with the supporting services and get acquainted with a method of immortelle cultivation, destilation and use in parfume, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. In the end, enjoy the view from the top pf the farm and have a look around the location of a historical battle from 49. BC between Caesars and Pompey"s soldioersin which for the first time in history mentions  term "barrel" gsm: +385 915101590



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